Hello there! So nice to have you here. Please take a quick peek through the following questions to see if we can get you the information you need right away through these frequently asked questions. If you are still wondering about something – please email us at We will be happy to help.

Can I get a custom label or match colour? 

The short answer is…maybe. It is possible but not something we do often. Let us know what you are thinking via email and we will see what we can do. ( 

Where are you located?

Calgary, Alberta. Canada. 

You are Canadian? Does that mean I will have to pay customs fees or import taxes if I am an international customer?

IF there is extra taxes – you as the buyer will be responsible for any duties and taxes. We will do our part to ensure all information that is needed will be included on your package. Currently we are only shipping to the USA and within Canada.

When will I get my order? 

Upon placing your order online (unless otherwise stated), we get to work. You will receive a notification but it is processed within 2 – 4 days. Within Canada we are looking at between 2-7 days delivery time (providing we are not in a world wide pandemic…).  Usually you will get your package within 7-21 days depending on which shipping method is chosen by you for international orders. 

Can I buy wholesale?

Ah thanks! Yes. You can if you are an established retailer, gift box company or have something super special you would like us to be apart of (with a minimum order quantity of course). Please just pop us an email at with the subject line WHOLESALE and we will be in touch shortly. 

Can I return or exchange my order? 

Sure – we understand things happen. As a small business it will just be up to you to return the item in the same condition it was shipped to you in. Once we receive it we will refund your account. Unless it was damaged when you got it then – good gosh we are sorry and we will replace it for you. Please provide us with your order number and a picture of the item. 

Why is the signature series called Dawn & Dusk?

We would love to share that story with you. Click here to read more…

Do you have terms & conditions?  

We sure do. Click here to read more…

Who did your amazing product shots? 

Credit belongs to the lovely – uber talented Miranda Weston from Miranda Weston Photography. You can visit her site here.