5 Reasons to Switch from Lighters to Matches

5 Reasons to Switch from Lighters to Matches

When it’s time to light a candle, what do you reach for? If you said a lighter, this post is for you! Lighters are handy, and definitely get the job done. However, we think there are several great reasons to go back in time to the trusty old matchstick. Let’s dive into 5 of them!

  1. Matchsticks can make a great accessory: Keeping a lighter out beside your candles isn’t the prettiest, but a glass jar of matchsticks definitely can be! Amp up your decor game with an apothecary matchstick jar that fits your personal colour scheme and aesthetic.
  2. Matches prevent landfill waste: Most lighters nowadays aren’t refillable, meaning that after they’re empty, they end up in the landfill (they’re not recyclable, either). Matches, however, are fully biodegradable, and their jars are recyclable, giving them a smaller ecological footprint. What’s not to love?
  3. Matches create great ambience: There’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of a match being lit. We have to admit that we feel a little extra fancy when running a match across strike paper, and hearing that spark!
  4. They make for an adorable gift: Looking for a stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, or birthday present? A beautifully crafted apothecary matchstick jar might be just what you’re looking for- bonus points if you pair it with a scented candle!
  5. You can shop local: Supporting local businesses is a great way to build up your community and score some cute goods in the process. Local shops also appreciate each and every customer and purchase like it’s the first- we know we do!

If we’ve convinced you to switch out your lighter for some good old-fashioned matches, you can browse our selection of apothecary matchstick jars here. But whatever you choose to use, we hope you’ll light a candle and take some time for yourself today amidst this hectic season! 

With love,

Team Matchstick Boutique

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